Media Center Policies

Media Center

The media center is happy and excited to provide students with tools to further develop their literacy skills. We are the heart of the Accelerated Reader (AR) program at Orlo Vista. Through AR, students read books on their "level" and then take a quiz on that book. Every week, students who have reached a milestone in their AR point quest get the chance to show off their accomplishment on the morning announcements and receive additional buttons for their AR hat.

Book Care Guidelines

  1. Keep library materials away from food and drinks.

  2. Keep all library materials in a safe place from younger siblings and pets.

  3. Do not cut, tear, or otherwise remove bar codes or pages from the books.

  4. Do not write, draw, color, or make any markings in the books.

  5. Turn pages from the top right-hand corner of the book.

  6. Do not loan your books to friends. You are responsible for any loss or damage that might occur.

All students are expected to be responsible users of the media center. Students and parents must sign a Responsibility Acceptance Letter before a student may check out books.

If an item is lost or damaged you must pay full price for the lost/damaged item, which is non-refundable. The fund will be used to replace the items or become a donation to our media center for similar media resources. We will not accept another book in place of the lost or damaged item. If the book is damaged, please do not attempt to repair it yourself. Return the damaged item to the media center and we will assess the damages and determine if repair is feasible. When making payment for lost or damaged items you must do so with cash only, no checks will be accepted. You will receive a receipt for acceptance of your payment.