ADDitions Volunteers

e are always looking for interested parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who can provide a few hours of community service to our students. There are many opportunities to peak your your interest. You might want to join us in the media center helping our student choose their next favorite author. Perhaps your skills in a foreign language can help a student who is struggling with English.

We are always looking for great volunteers to chaperone our students when they go on fun, exciting and educational field trips.

We are also looking for professionals to spend the day with us on Teach-In in November where you can spread the word about your career and what our students need to be doing now to be marketable in the future.

The ADDitions program is a vital part of school. Parents may volunteer to work during school hours assisting students with particular educational skills and/or aiding teachers with clerical duties. Some ADDitions also choose to work in the media center assisting students or working with the shelving or processing new materials. Adults with special talents or knowledge of a foreign language may wish to add their skills with our students. ADDitions assist in classroom social activities such as field trips, special events, and other activities. ALL volunteers must complete an ADDitions form before they volunteer.

Log on to to get started on a rewarding volunteer experience.

You may also email our ADDitions coordinator at [email protected].