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Curriculum Programs 


Please visit the link below for more details on the Curriculum Programs that are offered to students.

Curriculum Programs


Great Source Write Traits (1st Grade – 5th Grade) – is an interactive, hands-on classroom kit which include trait-specific lessons, guidelines, and writing models. They provide a clear process and a common language for using the six traits to discuss and evaluate writing.

The Six Traits include:

  • Idea Development
  • Organization
  • Voice
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Conventions

Write Traits Kindergarten – provides strategies for teaching writing, writing process, activities for kinesthetic learners, and suggestions for classroom structure and management. Special lessons are included to help instill the behaviors of writers such as knowing where the writing supplies are and holding the paper steady.

Write from the Beginning - Thinking Map, are visual teaching tools that foster and encourage lifelong learning. Based on thorough and well-accepted academic study and brain research, the eight Thinking Map tools correspond with eight fundamental thinking processes. The graphic organizer tools are utilized individually or in various combinations to form a Common Visual Language for students at all grade levels, in all subjects.

Computer Based Programs

Accelerated Reader (AR) (1st Grade – 5th Grade) - Accelerated Reader provides the essential practice component of our core reading curriculum. In addition to making reading practice fun and exciting for every student, AR gives us continuous feedback to personalize instruction so every student achieves maximum success. Students choose books at their appropriate reading levels and read them at their own pace. After which, students take a computer based quiz on the book, they have read.

Istation Reading - is a data-driven reading intervention program for students in Pre-K through Grade 5. istation Reading promotes reading acceleration and progress through a high-interest online interactive curriculum

ST Math® - consists of engaging courseware which employs the learners’ spatial temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step math problems. The language barrier to learning math is eliminated, and the program has proven uniquely engaging and effective with students at every level of math and language proficiency.

STAR (1st Grade – 5th Grade) – test student to determine their reading levels.

Snap Shots Video Science - consists of four interdependent components. Each level has four program DVDs that provide engaging video lessons. The student edition (SE) provides student friendly text that reinforces the concepts introduced in the video.

FSA Practice Tests (3rd Grade – 5th Grade) – is a program that provides students with practice questions and other educational materials that strengthen the skills measured by FSA for reading and math. FSA Practice Tests provides a creative, exciting context for student learning experiences while reinforcing key skills. Please visit FSA Practice Tests

Starfall - Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children. The website for Starfall is:

Students may also utilize computer based software in the classroom associated with the reading, math, science, and social studies curriculum.