The Physical Education program  strives to meet the benchmarks set by the Sunshine State Standards. Grades K-2 include locomotor skills such as hopping, skipping, galloping, and jumping on one foot. Grades 3-5 continue improving upon these, plus learn new skills that will be used in lifetime sports. Activities and skills for all grades include jumping rope, using manipulatives- scoops and whiffle balls, Frisbees and other equipment that will help develop hand eye coordination.

The P.E. program focuses on skills used in sports such as kicking for soccer or striking a ball with an object for tennis or baseball, throwing or rolling a ball at a stationary object like what would be used in basketball or bowling. Students are taught to recognize the safety rules in all activities , and to always have respect and tolerance for the level of skill of all who are in their class.

Although students learn many skills used in sports, we have a noncompetitive outlook in our P.E. program. The goal is for students to enjoy being active and hopefully, through their positive experiences, they will remain active throughout their lives.