School Reopening Info.

Important Information About OCPS School Reopening

School Board approved 2020-21 Florida’s Optional Innovative Reopening Plan (6 to 2) to include an Innovative model called OCPS LaunchEd@Home. Here is the link:$file/2020-21%20Florida's%20Optional%20Re-opening%20Plan.pdf

The School Board also agreed to seek a waiver from the state to allow local discretion regarding the start of school, based on local data. The start date is, tentatively, Friday, August 21. This is the emergency order from the state.

The district is currently doing a parent registration form for each child. Parents must select one of the three models or describe how their child is receiving their education (ex: home school, private school, etc.) Link to the form
To maximize safety efforts, parents are encouraged to select the OCPS LaunchEd@Home, if able to keep their child at home.

Below are direct links for parents to review each plan to make their decision:

• Face-to-Face


• LaunchEd@Home

FAQs for General Q&A, Face-to-Face Model Q&A, LaunchEd@Home Q&A, OCVS Q&A, and ESE Q&A

The state’s Reopening Florida’s Schools and the CARES Act

For further questions, please submit your question to [email protected].